Procedures for Update of Census 2017

We aim to have procedures that allow us to exchange, choose, decide, and act through the mechanisms of direct democracy exercised by the party’s full members.
This implies the following:
• The organic defines full members those people who are affiliated to the party, participate in activities and contribute to the annual fundraising. The way to have the right to participate in exchanges and take part in decisions at all levels, (base, national and international), is based on the contributions done by the full member.
A full member is someone who is genuinely interested to work in the party, someone who knows about and is in agreement with the thesis and basis for political action, someone who participates in an activity or function, and who disseminates the proposals and ideas of the party. A full member is someone who is concerned with the development of the party and contributes to its financing by paying the annual membership fee which is established in each country.
A supporter makes no commitment; they participate occasionally and receive information.
Only full members have the right to participate in internal elections, to vote and to be elected, and to participate in the consultations that the Party may carry out in order to take relevant decisions.
1. Development of full member’s censuses: People who want to actively participate in the IHP and decision-making must sign up and log in at the IHP website ( , for inclusion in the register.
2. Member fees and census confirmation: Once a year a collection of member fees will be implemented, in which the registered members shall make a financial contribution to help to finance the party (according to the amount defined in each country). 50% of this contribution will be allocated to activities of the base team, 25% at the national level activities, and 25% for the international team activities.
3. Roles and responsibilities in the process of update of Census:
a) The responsibility of the ECI is to formulate adequate procedure and criteria for the information needed from the National Coordinating Teams and Promotion Teams in each of the member countries to update the census. And the ECI is responsible for gathering this information from the NCTs or the PTs in each case and update the census accordingly.
b) The NCT or the PT of each country have the responsibility of gathering the requested information from their membership base and send the required lists of members needed for the update of census to the ECI.
c) All NCTs and PTs are requested to appoint a contact person regarding the carrying out of Census procedures 2017.
1. Full member sign up in the web site; The route is as follows: . Register as a member. Don´t forget that once you´ve signed up at the website, you must confirm your registration by logging in for the first time in order to active your user. If this user does not confirm his / her registration in this way the same user cannot be updated to the status of full member. ATT! LAST DAY TO SIGN UP : 7TH OF MAY 2017.
2. Membership fees: All full members must pay their annual membership fee.

3. Establishment of Census for full members:

3.1 National Coordinating Teams or Promotions Teams prepare and send to the ECI:

A. In the cases when there are changes from last census:
• One list of all full members who shall be removed (Baja). The list of members shall contain USERNAME in each case.
• One list of all new members who shall be added (Altas). The list of members should contain USERNAME in each case.
The National Coordinating Teams and Promotion Teams are requested to check the following BEFORE they send their lists to the ECI:
1. That the new members on their ALTA list are actually registered in the web (check with the list of adherents sent to them by the ECI for this purpose).
2. That USERNAME is included in each case on their lists.
3. That the email addresses in each case are correct and in use by the respective member.
B. In the cases when there are no changes from last census:
In this case the National Councils or Promotion Teams need to send a confirmation to the ECI that the last census of full members (census 2016) is unchanged.
4. The update of census:
The ECI updates the register and sends new listings to National Coordinating Teams and Promotion Teams.
5. Confirmation of Census:
National Coordination Teams and Promotion Teams prove that the new standard is correct. Abnormalities are reported to ECI.
To check the new census the route is as follows: . user . password . log in . Members . Member list . Chose country . Member status: Full Member
6. Finding Usernames and changing registered email addresses:
A) Finding Usernames: Here is how the individual member can find his username (in case he/she forgets): . user . password . log in . . My account . Edit
In this place the Username will be found.
B) Changing email addresses: Here is how the individual member can change his/her email on the web (in case he/she no longer wants to use the address he used to register on the IHP web): . user . password . log in . . My account . Edit
In this place the member can find his/her current email address and exchange it for the new one.

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