The Calendar for Update of Census and IHP internal elections 2016

1. Friday April 1: Announcement of elections; a manual and a calendar is sent to all full members of the IHP.
2. Friday, 01 April to Sunday 1 May: Annual contribution fee.
3. Sunday May 8: last day for the registration of new members on the web.
3.1 Monday 9 May until Wednesday 11 May - ECI distributes lists of all registered adherent members to National Teams and Promotion Teams so they can check that all new members on their ALTA list is actually registered in the web BEFORE they send their lists to the ECI.
4. Establishment Census full members
4.1. Until Sunday May 22, National Coordinating Teams or Promotions Teams prepare and send to the ECI:
A. In the cases when there are changes from last census:
• One list of all full members who shall be removed (Baja). The list of members shall contain USERNAME in each case.
• One list of all new members who shall be added (Altas). The list of members should contain USERNAME in each case.
The National Coordinating Teams and Promotion Teams are requested to check that USERNAME follow in each case on their lists BEFORE sending them to the ECI.
B. In the cases when there are no changes from last census:
In this case the National Councils or Promotion Teams need to send a confirmation that the last census of full members is unchanged.
4.2 Until Sunday June 5 The ECI update the register and sends new listings to National Coordinating Teams and Promotion Teams.
4.3. Until Sunday June 12. Confirmation of the register. National Coordination Teams and Promotion Teams prove that the new standard is correct. Abnormalities are reported to ECI.
To check the new census the route is as follows: . user . password . log in . Members . Member list . Chose country . Member status: Full Member
5. From Sunday 5 June to Sunday 18 June: Auto nominations. shall be communicated to the International list of PHI and to
6. Monday 19 June to Saturday 25 June: Final lists of candidates
7. Friday 1 July, Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 July to 24 hours of PDV: Internal Elections
8. Monday 4 July, results on the web.

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