The End of Prehistory - a Path to Freedom, Tomas Hirsch


1. The Crossroad
We are Part of a System Is it Possible to Overcome Social Violence? The Future of the Left

2. The Money Lords
Majorities versus Minorities The Commandments of Financial Capital In the Face of one Absolute Power, Two Counter Powers

3. Globalization: A Blind Alleyway
The System Paradox Globalization and Its Consequences The Opening Up of a Closed System: From “Mono” to “Multi” The Project of the Peoples

4. Absurd Economics
Economic Violence and Social Explosion The March of the Abandoned State or Market: An Old and Repeated False Dilemma

5. The Betrayal by the Hierarchies
A Fable for the Clueless The Captive StateRepresentativity in Crisis: The People Adrift The People at the Mercy of the Elements In a Real Democracy, the People are Protagonist



6. That Stranger, the Human Being
Determinism and Freedom The Primacy of the Future The Waves of History

7. The End of Prehistory
From Paternalism to Self-Organization The New Generations Return to the Struggle On the End and the Means The Fight for Subjectivity

8. Toward a Truly Human Society
A Progress of All and for All A Human Revolution: From Competition to Convergence A Social Revolution: From Accumulation to Distribution A Political Revolution: The Deconcentration of Power

9. The Engine of Change
Growth vs. Development The Worker-Owned Company The Recovery of Natural and Energy Resources, Added Value and Technology

10. Latin America: Crucible of the Future
Where is the New? The Affirmation of Diversity The Convergence of Diversity

Finally, a Very Short Story

Epilogue Regarding A New Spirituality

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