Procedures Census 2015

As it has been reported on all existing full members and friends from different countries who have expressed their interest to be part of the PHI. We are in the process of census to all those who are making their contribution to this process of humanization through the International Humanist Party
Census calendar PHI 2015

May 4 to June 7 Registration on the website of new Assembly members. Collection of membership fees.
7-June 14, sending data to update the Census of full members
14-21 June Census update on the International website

We remind you that all the new full members that are not registered on the International website, must register in time, so that we can give them the status of a full member and that thus they are enabled to consultations and elections to be performed through the same.

The path to register is:
-register as a Member
-Fill in the questionnaire with real data.
It is imperative that you do match the user with your first and last name, so that you can manage full members of appropriate census.

We also want to remind those responsible in each country, which have been sent to the international coordination team two listings:
-one new full members.
-another one of those that cause low, leaving as its adherents
If possible in Excel format, which contained the address of email, name, and user for which has been recorded.
The ECI email address is:

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