Procedures Census 2015

As it has been reported on all existing full members and friends from different countries who have expressed their interest to be part of the PHI. We are in the process of census to all those who are making their contribution to this process of humanization through the International Humanist Party
Census calendar PHI 2015

May 4 to June 7 Registration on the website of new Assembly members. Collection of membership fees.
7-June 14, sending data to update the Census of full members
14-21 June Census update on the International website

We remind you that all the new full members that are not registered on the International website, must register in time, so that we can give them the status of a full member and that thus they are enabled to consultations and elections to be performed through the same.

The path to register is:
-register as a Member
-Fill in the questionnaire with real data.

HP Spain: The Election Campaign begins with the slogan: "Nothing above the Human Being and no Human Being above another“

Again - since it was founded in 1984 - the Humanist Party attends the upcoming Local and Regional Elections on May 24th with the slogan: "Nothing Above the Human Being and no Human Being Above Another" The HP puts forward proposals which it has upheld through it´s history and which have been developed into the Humanist Municipal Plan.

The Spanish Humanist Party in municipal and regional elections in May

Humanists have their own lists in 14 municipalities, comprising of more than 400 people (60 percent are women). In addition, concurs in two autonomous communities and the Juntas Generales of Bilbao and Durango-Arratia. There will also be humanist candidates on different platforms in other cities.

About the Humanist Party and the situation in the world

I think we are in a very interesting moment now in the Humanist Party worldwide. We are experiencing crisis and that is wonderful!!

Humanists reject foreign intervention in Ukraine and ask for astute reflection on a dire situation

The International Humanist Party (IHP) condemns the interference of third countries acting covertly or overtly, in areas considered strategic for military plans or natural resources or for any other


The International Humanist Party (IHP) condemns the acts of violence that occurred in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The Humanist Party International welcomes the holding of the CELAC

The Humanist Party International welcomes the holding of the Second Summit of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), and the objectives of integration and shared development while simultaneously encouraging peace.

Humanist condemn the threat of attack on Syria

Peace is a collective construction.

Humanists condemn the threat of attack on Syria by the Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) at the request of the United States of America. It is a despicable attitude that is intended to solve from third countries a political confrontation inside another country, and even more when they intend bombing a population.


Again the world is on tenterhooks by the irrationality of belligerent states and their ruling classes so we humanists raise our voices yet again to condemn in the strongest terms those who despise life, or place life secondary to other values.


May we express our fraternal greetings and solidarity to our brothers
of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela at this time when it is
important to know that they are not alone.
President Chavez is not dead, his figure will remain in the hearts of
all free men and women of the world; his actions will never stop, not
ever, and those people who have shared his ideals are the people who
will carry out the dream of Bolivar, of Chavez and many others.
We humanists that share the first and last ideal of a Universal Human
Nation and who, like Chavez, work every day side by side with those


The Congress will take place on 23 and 24 February next, starting on Saturday 23 at 9:00 and will end on Sunday 24 at 15:00

The Congress, which is the supreme organ of the party, it is composed of all full members of the party, in an Assembly .


The International Federation of Humanist Parties (Humanist International) rejects and condemns French military intervention in the Republic of Mali, with the purported excuse to stop the advance of groups accused of terrorism.


The International Humanist Party regrets to inform the death of our friend Nicolas Servin Amilcar Segovia, a member of the International Coordinating Team PHI.


Next October 7 the presidential elections are to be held in the Republic Of Venezuela that constitute a milestone in the process of structural change taking place in that country and in many others in South American. In response, the Coordinating Team of the International Federation of Humanist Parties (Humanist International) established and communicates its position, as below: –We support the transformation process with a humanistic sense that leads the President Hugo Chavez Frias in the context of a Latin America in a way that works for the advancement of the people.

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